Scott Thomas Ferreira
Scott Thomas Ferreira is a world-class guitarist, singer and songwriter based in New York City.  His musicality and impressive technique has won him a well-earned reputation in rock, funk, jazz and R&B circles.  Scott can be seen and heard as a front man with his original music and as a first-call guitarist and vocalist for recording and live performance.  In addition, he arranges and produces for other artists.
Who is Scott Thomas Ferreira?

Song: El Prez (Solo)

Band: The Last Broadcast

Song: Dance In The Wind


Band: Christina Gaudet

Song: Spain (Solo)

Band: Scogeojam 


Song: Oil Slick

Band: The Last Broadcast

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“Got A Match?”

A condensed version of Scogeojam's arrangement of Chick Corea's "Got A Match?"

Guitar solo on“SPAIN” w/ SCOGEOJAM

Video shot by: Rich Rivkin

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